Sunday, June 14, 2009

What I learned from the roo

Earlier this year I committed to say yes more this year....due to missed opportunities, stagnant curiousity and my stirring restlessness in the same.
It continues to be incredibly hard for me to do......its almost like a speciality Tourettes syndrome-no, no, no. So when an opportunity to do something I WOULD NEVER DO came up over the weekend I tried to regain my footing.... perhaps there have been no major changes because I haven't stepped out of my box.
So I went to bonnaroo...a music fest here in little tennessee.... very hippie scene for those that don't know- spoken word mikes, music 24/7, hemp, flip flops galore, jam fest, body odor, brotherly love, porta potty's- Most of which I was resistant to...But because I have a GREAT friend that challenges me to be more in several ways...I braided my hair, packed extra deodorant, wore a long hippie dress and headed out. What I found when I got there was (almost)worth the three trips to a porta-potty:

Few things influence people as much as music. Some people just don't like clothes and prefer paint. Free drinks are great. The brain/memory power behind over 80,000 people knowing the lyrics to every song is ridiculous....and should be fostered into something. Being outdoors is amazing. A hammock outdoors is heaven. What some would see as a farm others see as a HUGE moneymaker. Hippies are usually nice. There are all kinds of interesting people out there-meet some. Sani-wipes saved my life. Sometimes a simple guitar and great lyrics are all you need. There are times when being herded like cows is ok...and sometimes not.

Most importantly, I have an appreciation for friends, even more respect for artists, a love of community, and a blister from my flip-flops....just because I said yes.