Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rise and Shine

Sometimes, we have no idea.
The reasons behind ones comment, the strength of such an unassuming person, the capacity of such a thing as water. At face value these don't add up but what glimmers beyond the surface compels us to wake up and take notice.
I'm in a new place, figuratively and literally(though just temporarily). Often a champion naysayer I have recently opted for a brighter view. When this event(its more than a flood) happened I immediately wrote it off as a complete loss. Certain. Beautifully, friends and neighbors became arc's.  Strength, kindness, fear and peace was lying behind most every surface. Layers  I hadn't bothered to look at before. And I had no idea how miraculously lucky I would be.
There are a host of  educated people that tell you fear compels us to do most everything. I can't disagree entirely- but I can say I am compelled by greatness of others. To aspire to be like ones I have witnessed.
It is a grand thing when someone exceeds your expectations. Grander still to rise above yourself and surpass what you thought possible. Sometimes, we have no idea.

Nashville's history is steeped with battles, melodies, difficulties and dreamers.
As our water rose so did the since of duty, kindness and brotherly love. To see a town and communities within - just go and do what needed to be done- was so incredibly encouraging and necessary. Main stream media might not have cared, some people might feel indifferent about a country town but if you ask this girl, on this occasion, Nashville rises and shines.

The occasion is piled high with difficulty[and possibility] and we must rise high with the occasion. Abraham Lincoln