Thursday, February 23, 2012

for you

I have been here before, one of my few entries here was lent a few years ago. It is oh so very interesting to read that now because frankly I'm not as changed as I would like to be..still struggling with the same ghost I suppose. Curious how many people spend these 40 days giving up something. Also curious about what you think it means. I had a discussion the other night with a friend about this. It was Fat Tuesday so we willingly went to our local Mexican place to get fat! (Well worth it btw) She explained how she believed it was a time to give up something that got in our way of hearing/seeing God, an idol if you will. For me, reality TV. I guess I had always thought of it as something we give up as a sacrifice, to show our faithfulness. Like I love you this much I'll give up my favorite food. I am certainly over thinking this but I rather like that 40, starts with For(in my head).
As in, this my Father is For you.
I'm am not schooled in this, I do not know if there is a 'right way' to think of it(who am I kidding of course people have rules in religion but sometimes..blah) but I do believe this is a great time to be DESPERATE for something/someone your life depends on. I am.

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