Thursday, September 26, 2013

another emotion

  • Calories are winning. I am considering botox, not for calories but for the angry brow.
  • Fall is just a rainy summer here so far.
  • Of my 5 ideas, 1 is sticking. Have a facility to house the social enterprise I am starting!
  • I have gone through at least 50 names for said enterprise and none work.
  • My hair is rebellious; fighting consistency everyday. (There should be a hair care line called discipline.)
  • A dear friend is getting married and asked me to be a part of the celebration. I won't say what number this is for me to walk down the aisle before the bride, but I am possibly more excited than any one before. (Calories and botox relevant here)
  • I am semi-employed again. I work with women who challenge me. They are hopeless, fearful and broken. Everyday I am taught grace and mercy.
  • My dreams are changing, moving towards landmarks I did not imagine.
  • Sometimes, a lot of the time, I think this city is one that has taken a collective sigh and just given up.  It is strange to feel that of a city, but it hangs in the air like humidity. It needs a marketing plan.
  • I found my shop space; the place I have always wanted to have, upstairs apartment shop downstairs. Brick, cute, charming and ready. My account is not however. I have no reason to believe it will be successful or even break even but I want it still.
  • My legs are itchy and marked by the ants, mosquitos and other hungry southern species.
  • I have realized I am here to support my family through some things. I was not prepared, then again would I have come if I knew?
  • Certain memories still prick me. I am growing bothered pissed with the "why are you still single" talk. I have yet to run into the ex it will matter most to see.
  • My throat is sore from swallowing my pride.
  • BUT there are some great ice cream locations for that.:)....and calories win again!


  1. AWW. Love you. Love your writing. You have a gift. YOU are loved!

  2. 1. Botox is worth every penny.
    2. We obviously need to catch up!